Tylin is one of the gods of the Unclean Pantheon. He is unique among the Unclean gods in that he lacks an estate or domain, and no longer receives the summons to Court.

Tylin's origins are obscured by the haze of time, but in contemporary Blackbloom he is the god of the underdog. He takes a keen interest in the lives of mortals, both the humanoid denizens of Blackbloom and the cities that dot its surface. In a given situation, he will seek to raise the low above the high, often employing a somewhat twisted sense of justice and the methods of a trickster. Tylin loves to gamble, and he is not above using his power to swing the odds in his favor.

Tylin's exile from the Court is the end result of an attempted coup, which was prevented when the rest of the Pantheon united to oppose him. As part of his punishment, his mind was scoured, and each fresh memory erases an old one, leaving the limits of his abilities unknown even to him. This also makes those he has previously helped potential targets when he no longer remembers them.

He wanders Blackbloom, shifting from one humanoid form to another at random, trying to remember his true form.