The Three Children are a trio of interlinked gods of Blackbloom. They are the gods of the seasons, each holding sway over one portion of the year.

The goddess of the rainy season is Maritae.

The lady of the dark season is named Tallyr.

The god of the dry season is unnamed and unknown so far.

Maritae is the eldest of the three. Since she has been abandoned by the people of the world she has taken to using her season for pranks. She is known to animate the algea that grows hevily in her season and laughing as the new construct eats family pets. Her siblings enjoy these displays, but it only worsens the frequency of these attacks. She drinks in her off time, or at least hangs around alcoholic watering holes in search of people to consume.

Tallyr is a younger one of the three, who also holds dominions over the dark flowers of the world.. At another earlier time they were once called the Lightless Garden, after the area they cultivated full of blackbloom flowers. She is also a goddess of secrets and darkness, though most powerful during the dark season. She "hears" via vibrations in the ground, and her manifest form is frail, with permanently closed eyes, the ids having grown together. In myth it was said that her body was the soil of the planet and the seeds of the blackbloom flowers.