The geography of Blackbloom is dominated by unusual sites, many of which are perilous to travellers.

Large areas are covered by the shifting sands of the desert.

South of Iertu there lies the Ghost Marshes.

In the southern hemisphere there is a vast shallow salt lake known as the End of the World.

On the western coast of the main continent there is a chain of stone spires known as the Kinnis Maw.

The equator is held predominatly by large volcanoes known as the Inferno Tors.

The "top of the world" (we must presume northward) holds a peaceful area known as Pure.

In an unknown area there lies a series of odd sinkholes known as the Chasmlands.

Beneath the surface the brave and foolhardy will find ancient caverns called the Delves of A’kaar.

In an ocean the ancient tidal island tower of Glanworn Isle still stands against the elements.

For the more spiritual- or touristy-minded, there are always the Shining Hills during the dark months.

And if you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of the moving marshes, aka the Wandering Bayou.