Taking its name from the strange plant native to its soil, Blackbloom is a dark ball spinning in space. Not much is known about it yet, but there are a few established facts.

Both human and inhuman intelligent species inhabit the world, including a reference to something known as a slugbear. Additionally, the cities of Blackbloom are sentient.

The world has very unusual geography

There are gods on Blackbloom, but they lack worshippers. They are also the planet's only hope for salvation, as well as the only hope for its people. They sow chaos and are largely unrecognized.

Blackbloom itself is a dark flower that is rare and grows in limited areas, but the use of it on the bodies of the dead allows them to rise again in eternal unlife.

Blackbloom has three primary seasons:

  • A three-month dark period caused by a temporary geosyncronous orbit with the moon of the planet (much like a long eclipse)
  • A rainy humid season, noted for causing algae growth for the food supply.
  • A dry, temperate season.

The largest civilization on Blackbloom has a stringent caste system defined visually by physical traits. Social mobility is limited, but possible by winning at yearly games. Losing can mean a reduction in status however. Winners are few and far between (less thant 1% of the thousands who enter).

Unspecified forms of technology and magic from various eras compete for supremacy.

The cities of Blackbloom are actually sentient beings who were unaware that the human and inhuman things dwelling in them were self-aware. Equally people didn't know the cities could talk.